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Words cannot express what Noah's Never Ending Rainbow means to my family and me.  For almost 9 years, our family was faced with the challenge of raising a special young man, who was different from most other children. Throughout Zion's life we did our best to make sure that he had anything and everything that would make his life the best that it could be. Noah's Never Ending Rainbow made it possible by providing funding to make sure that we could travel wherever needed to get the latest updates on the newest therapies and treatments for his various and multiple medical issues.  Zion passed away in February of this year. We now face a new chapter in our journey. This chapter is a chapter of memories and healing. Noah's Never Ending Rainbow continues to be a support when most other organizations stop giving. They not only care about the person affected with this horrible disorder but also the family.  I wish that I could paint a picture that would have unequaled clarity so that everyone could see what Noah's Never Ending Rainbow means not only to me, but to so many people across the country and the world.

Jamie L. Lint, RN
Father to Zion, Trisomy 13