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Age Groups of Girls Signing Up on Dating Sites

Love can be found anywhere and in the most unexpected circumstances. However, nowadays more and more people get acquainted with one another on the web. Online dating is the most affordable and the easiest way to find a soulmate. This option is especially relevant for citizens who don’t have a lot of free time. That is why there appear more and more dating sites.

The world of online dating is a huge universe with its community and rules. Most of those who sign up on dating sites are decent people eager for communication and romantic relationships, so you shouldn’t think there are only online scammers, but you also don’t have to trust strangers too much.

Girls You Can Meet Online

A huge number of people are signed up on dating sites — starting from several tens of thousands ending with several tens of millions of users. Even the most sociable people still don’t have a couple of hundred acquaintances. So, the choice of partner on dating sites is much wider than in real life. Most users are people aged from 18 to 35 years, that is those whom sociologists call youth.

Online dating has little to do with dating in real life. Sitting at a computer or using a smartphone, people choose a person they would like to build relationships with. But before you see a potential partner in person, you should create your account properly. Age is decisive in many cases, and all other features are considered as secondary. Age preferences on dating sites have been carefully studied by French psychologists. They wrote a large report on this issue.

  • Men aged from 25 to 45 mostly are interested in peers, while 18-year-old girls attract 20-22-year-old guys living in Russia, Mexico, and Germany.
  • Girls aged from 20 to 22 attract their age mates, as well as 25-year-old men, while women over 25 years old are of interest to 23-30 years old men. Men from Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, and France are attracted to 28 years old ladies.
  • Men from 30 to 50 years old are interested in 35 years old women, while the 40 years old beauties attract men aged from 35 to 50 from such counties as Ukraine and Russia. At 45 years old, women are of interest to men aged from 40 to 50 in all European countries.
  • And what about 50-year-old beauties? They don’t need to worry, since 40-year-old men from the UK, Australia, Argentina, and Brazil often text ladies of this age group, while 55 years old ladies attract Australians and Germans of the same age.

Not all dating site users are honest. Some of them lie about their appearance, some lie about their job, income, and lifestyle, while others hide their marital status. Take new acquaintances on the web critically; however, this rule also applies to offline ones.


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