How to Fill Out Your Profile in a Dating Application

In the 21st century, people cannot imagine their life without the Internet and social networks. Sometimes, they capture us so much that we stop seeing people around and living our lives online. It is not surprising online dating is becoming more popular every year. All you need to do to find a person of your dreams is to fill out a profile on such a site.

Select a Profile Photo

This is one of the most critical steps. The first impression of a potential partner is formed by looking at the portrait. The more attractive it will be, the more responses it will bring. Creating an entire gallery is not necessary, but one photo is not enough. The optimal number is 4–5 pics made from various angles.

The main principles of selection are:

  • Appropriate sight. Upload photos where you look directly into the lens. Your potential partner will have a feeling you look into his or her eyes. This immediately creates an atmosphere of trust and friendliness. For girls, makeup is preferred to be nude.
  • Smile. Imagine seeing something charming and enjoyable. A natural smile is always attractive. At least one profile photo should have a smiling face.
  • Choose the main photo correctly. A common mistake is posting a group photo as an avatar. No support group is required. Allow interested people to consider you properly. Best for this is a full-length photo in a relaxed pose. Selfies for this purpose are undesirable.

Personal Information

The information specified in the profile should be stated as beneficial as possible. You should write the following:

  • About yourself. Do not write a dry autobiography, as when applying for a job. Write vividly, with analogies and self-irony. Do not be afraid of notifying your shortcomings and weaknesses. Just do it interestingly, in a positive way.
  • Do not lie. If you visited the site to find a partner for a couple of meetings without any special obligations, it is better to mention this immediately. The more honest you behave, the higher the probability of finding your person and avoiding disappointments. Profession, education, and age are the categories that should not be hidden as well.
  • Write beautifully. It is essential to be able to describe the situations and circumstances of your life accurately. Good jokes and the correct use of grammar are necessary. There is no need to abuse smiles and caps.

To Sum Up

If you learn how to create a good profile on a dating site, taking into account all these tips and avoiding common mistakes, then there is a huge chance you will meet new romantic acquaintances soon.


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